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A New System Lets Anyone Manage Quality Control of Diet Soft Drinks


Anton Paar’s brand-new Packaged Beverage Analyzer PBA 5001 Soft Drink Diet combines up to four instruments to determine all quality parameters for regular, mid-calorie, and diet soft drinks as well as (diet) energy drinks and carbonated water in one go. The system’s software guides users through the adjustment procedure – making %Diet analysis easier than ever before.

In light of new challenges facing soft drink manufacturers – including the move to supplant unhealthy industrial sugar in non-alcoholic beverages with low-calorie sweeteners – Anton Paar, the market leader in beverage analysis solutions, has released a new Packaged Beverage Analyzer (PBA 5001 Soft Drink Diet). All key parameters (e.g., °Brix, CO2, %Diet) are measured with the same system and in one measuring cycle.

For anyone still using the complex molybdenum blue or titration methods for diet drink analysis, Anton Paar’s new beverage analysing system can help. It is easily adjusted and operated, meaning anyone can perform highly accurate measurements without special training. A reference for % Diet measurements is only set at the beginning of a batch production, which reduces the demand for reference analysis by 75% and saves users money on costly chemicals and consumables. Just press the start button and move onto other tasks: Depending on the configuration, it takes the system three to six minutes for a measurement, which enables a quick batch release.

Conducting a highly precise density measurement of process water and a diet sample with a DMA density meter sets the basis for a reliable, accurate %Diet determination. The density value is not only the most reliable parameter for %Diet analysis, it also forms the perfect basis for volume determination and therefore filling volume control. Anton Paar has more than 50 years of experience in digital density measurement and is the global market leader in this field as well.

Sample preparation is not required – the final package is simply placed in the filling device, and the sample is automatically transferred. Since there is automatic filling error detection in the density and CO2 meters, users can be confident that their sample filling has been done correctly. Anton Paar offers a three-year standard warranty on the whole measuring system, and its global service network ensures the measurement system is always running effectively.

In order to centralise data storage, the system can be combined with AP Connect, Anton Paar’s lab execution software, which enables data access from any network computer. If there are Anton Paar inline sensors installed in a factory’s lines, the Davis 5 software links lab and process equipment, and automatically adjusts inline sensors without human interaction.

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