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AB Vickers Yeastlife O™

AB Vickers YeastLife O™ is the result of intensive Research & Development work on fermentation process, with attention to the yeast nutritional aspect of sugar-based fermented beverages including hard seltzer, cider, mead and high gravity beer. On top of solving nutritional requirements to avoid sluggish and stuck fermentation, YeastLife O™ has been formulated to avoid off flavor and improve mouthfeel.

With a 100% organic nitrogen source and exclusively bio-available vitamins &minerals, YeastLife O™ is suitable for use in organic alcoholic beverages.

Framed within the AB Vickers product line, YeastLife O™ represents a necessary addition to Lallemand Brewing’s portfolio of yeast nutrient solutions to help overcome difficult brewing process conditions.   This portfolio already included two products: Servomyces™ and YeastLife Extra™. All three products have been formulated to cover the wide array of stressful conditions that brewers may have to face during fermentation processes (yeast re-pitching, propagation, high gravity brewing, poor wort….) and to ensure consistent fermentation performance.

AB Vickers YeastLife O™ is a pure blend of yeast autolysates (specific inactive Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with specific characteristics in amino acids composition, bio-available vitamins and minerals, and fractions rich in mannoproteins. It is available in 2 kg sachets with a recommended pitch rate of 40g/hl to 250 g/hl, depending on application.

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Caroline Parnin
Technical Marketing Manager

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