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Abbey Chart “The John Guest Polarclean range – Here’s why you need it”


The hospitality industry might have their doors closed for now, but this is the perfect opportunity to look into how you can improve your services. The John Guest Polarclean range is pure genius and here’s why you need it…

With Polarclean you can experience a cold beer or beverage every time


I think everyone is looking forward to summer, when everything should be back to some sort of normality (fingers crossed). But there’d be nothing worse than being disappointed by the taste of a warm sorry beer. This is where the John Guest Polarclean range comes in. This piece of technology is exactly what you need to ensure a cold, crisp beer every time.

Using ‘tube-in-tube’ technology, this unique Polarclean range conditions beer and beverages in the supply tube. This allows pubs, restaurants and bars to serve extra cold beers & beverages at every pour. No need for a cold room or a secondary cooling device!

As well as providing extra cold beer for customers, this device will also assist in providing a hygienic environment and will save you money. How? Well as the tube-in-tube technology can be installed from keg to tap, this helps product stagnation and keeps every part of the draught system cold. Keeping a low temperature environment may possibly reduce beer-line cleaning frequency, which means this’ll reduce product wastage, saving you money.

You’ll also be pleased to know that this particular range is combined with the well-known speedfit technology, meaning you can install it without the need for any tools, quick connection without any hassle. This high-end technology is already well established within the industry of the drinks dispense market, making it a must-have for brand owners, venues and even consumers.

So how does it work? 

The tube-in-tube technology is exactly that, the push-fit connection tube is pushed into another tube. This means the internal part of the product is enveloped by the external tube which allows the refrigerated coolant (water/Glycol blend) to continuously recirculate. Together with the refrigerated coolant and efficient heat transfer from the tube-in-tube should maintain the low temperatures to keep the beer or beverage fresh.

The Polarclean tube-in-tube system provides considerable flexibility for draught installations. The keg, cooler and font can be placed separately if the venue is restricting you to keep everything in one place.

Polarclean tube-in-tube system provides considerable flexibility for draught installations.

What are the benefits?

  • Extra cold and consistent beer temperatures can be achieved at every pour.
  • No cellar or secondary cooling requirement means installation has lower investment and cost.
  • Reduced beer-line microbiological growth.
  • Reduced beer-line cleaning frequency, increased revenue per keg and less downtime.
  • Less fob meaning increased revenue per keg.
  • Fewer temperature related ‘call-outs’.
  • Improved system efficiency and reduced running costs.
  • Less energy ensuring reduced carbon emissions.
  • Differing brand temperature specifications can be achieved in a single python. Non tube-in-tube product lines still benefit from proximity cooling from tube-in-tube coolant lines i.e. Cold & Extra Cold.
  • Faster dispense due to lower temperature consistency.
  • No unauthorised corruption of tube-in-tube beer-lines. Extensions and splits are not possible without access to Polarclean connectors & tubing.


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