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We are pleased to announce that Brewers Select Limited is being acquired by Loughran Brewing Stores Limited. The new company will be known as ‘Loughran Brewers Select’.

Over the last decade, under the ownership of Bairds Malt, Brewers Select pioneered the ‘one stop shop’ model for brewing supplies and has grown to become a leading supplier of malt, hops, and brewing adjuncts to the UK craft brewing sector.

Loughran Brewing Stores is a Dundalk, Ireland, based malt producer and distributor, serving craft beer breweries throughout UK, Ireland, and Europe.
The new business will provide customers with a wide selection of brewing products and brands under one roof, whilst maintaining industry-leading service levels.

Bairds Malt’s products will continue to be available in bulk format directly through Bairds malthouses and in packaged format through Loughran Brewers Select.

The transfer of ownership will be effective from Saturday 8th October.

Loughran Brewers Select

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