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Anton Paar’s PBA 5001 Beer Analyzer Now Features TPO Analysis


Anton Paar’s PBA 5001 Beer analysis system now features total package oxygen (TPO) analysis – creating the most comprehensive QC system on the market for analysis from the final package.

PBA 5001 with the integrated TPO 5000 total package oxygen meter is the high-end solution for quality control of beverages from the market leader for more than 40 years.

It measures up to 50 quality parameters from a single package and delivers all parameters at the push of a button in a single data set. Quality control and data management are centralized in a single setup

Fully automated cleaning and automatic leak test and self-executing zero-oxygen verification mean maximum operator convenience.

An automated leak test, combined with an O₂ performance verification and automatic cleaning routines, guarantees final quality control efficiency and frees operator capacities.

The system easily adapts to all package types and dimensions and offers simple package positioning and automated centring.

Switching between different package types is easy: the system automatically centres the package before piercing. Cans are simply analysed upside-down, entirely eliminating any risk of leaks during the piercing process.

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Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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