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AP Connect – Laboratory software for your paperless lab


AP Connect is the single platform data collection and management software from Anton Paar offering you the chance to manage your data in a secure and paperless way:

Connect – Up to 30 Anton Paar devices may be connected to a single database and network. Whether density meter, refractometer, viscometer or polarimeter, AP Connect connects quickly and simply through secure network connections.

Collect – All measured data sets, checks and adjustment data are transferred to a common SQL database for long term storage. AP Connect eliminates the need for printers or manual transcription, saving time and preventing error.

Check -Data sets may be viewed and reviewed in a clear, easily filtered list view. No more time wasted searching for values in work-books or paper print outs. Data is accessible from any computer in your network.

Control – With easily configurable import/export folders, AP Connect allows you to automatically control connected devices, create and start measurement series from your PC.

CommunicateAP Connect can facilitate export of data sets as pdf reports, or for onward transfer to 3rd party systems such as LIMS, ERP or PLCs.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate transcription errors
  • Go Paperless
  • Save Time
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Reduce costs

You can also directly download the software for a FREE 60 days test period.

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