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Beer Packaging for Big Smoke Brew Co

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The Big Smoke Brew Co. who are based in Esher, Surrey, have been brewing modern brews such as hop forward pales, rich stouts, and everything in between since 2014 and in 2016, they contacted us (Saxon Packaging) to supply them with 24x330ml bottle shipper cases. “Happily to oblige, we manufactured these for them in true Saxon fashion; with great customer service, remarkable quality and excellent turnaround time on production” Mike Impson, Sales Director – Saxon Packaging

“The team at Saxon were incredibly adept at interpreting our designs into bold and functional packaging” – Sam Medway, Big Smoke Brew Co. This experience and existing working relationship meant that in the summer of 2018 when Big Smoke Brew were seeking packaging for their new canned range of beers, we (Saxon Packaging) were the obvious choice.
Sam, the Marketing & Design Manager behind Big Smoke Brew’s graphic arts and visual branding, masterminded the bright and bold visual design of the boxes. “We created a bold and eye-catching design that contained all the elements of our branding and an extension to the artwork on our cans” said Sam.

Once the visual artwork was finalised, Sam worked with our in-house packaging design team to develop the final can box design. Several weeks later the design was deemed so successful that Big Smoke Brew extended the design onto the rest of their range of beers, and this design and process is still being used to this current day.

In order for the packaging to truly reflect Big Smoke Brews existing brand elements and colours, extensive consultation was required with Sam and included sending copies of the brewery’s artwork to the ink supplier for them to match the brands colour tones directly.

With over 30 years of packaging knowledge, it enabled us to specify an appropriate grade of material for the boxes. Most in the brewing industry will know that due to brewing and filling process there is a high level of moisture present when cans are packed. We recommended a kraft inner liner and an increased strength fluting to help deal with the damp packing conditions. Printing onto a white substrate ensured the chosen colours remained bright and bold. The bottle boxes remained in the same grade as the original beer packaging albeit they were switched to a white outer liner to make the most of the colours once more.

Close attention was also paid throughout the printing process to ensure colour registration remained spot on and the correct printing pressures were applied. The slightest adjustment in pressure could have had a drastic affect to the overall print colours and quality.

Through careful material choice, spot-on colour matching and well thought out design, we have achieved stunning results with the branded boxes through simple flexo printing methods.

“Having supplied Big Smoke Brew Co. with their packaging requirements since 2016 we were really pleased that we were chosen to work on their new boxes. The completed design and results ensures their beer packaging remains consistent with their overall brand look and feel. The print process we used was also a very economical solution given the number of designs” said Mike.

“We are incredibly pleased with the finished products. The beer packaging really stands out and reflects the design and does a great service to further extend our branding!” Sam Medway, Design & Marketing manager, Big Smoke Brew Co.

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