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“Developing products for our wonderful brewing industry is always our passion” say RLBS Ltd, the long-established UK dispense equipment manufacturer.

Their new product, the “Cask-Ready”, is a long overdue industry product which they are confident will improve cask ale quality being served by automating what a good cellar manager does – controlling the optimum conditions of the beer in the cask.
The extremely simple but highly effective gadget is placed into the shive or vent of a freshly opened cask of ale working as a 2-way valve with a difference. Filled by the cellar manager with fresh water, the transparent airlock this creates does two important jobs. Firstly, it indicates any secondary fermentation produced in the cask shown as bubbles of CO2 visually blowing through this water. When the bubble rate reaches a certain level this clearly tells the cellar manager the beer is ready to be served.

The secondary job of the Cask-Ready’s airlock is stopping any free movement of air into the cask. Air, as we know, contains wild yeast and bacteria and these elements help kill the live ingredients of the product over the normal 4 days from when the cask is opened. As the Cask-Ready is designed to let air into the cask only when beer is dispensed out, this action stops the ingress of air and thus helps prolong the quality of the beer in the cask.
RLBS confirm they have designed the device in such a way that the water inside will not enter the cask and will be maintained in the device when dispensing.

If you want to see this device in action RLBS will be demonstrating this and many of their other products for our industry on their Stand 166 at this year’s SIBA BeerX in Liverpool on the 11th & 12th of March. If you’d like more information in the mean-time then contact them on
Email:-  Tel: 01535 681839 or Web:

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