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Beverages and CO2 Shortage


Anton Paar

Measure CO2 without the influence of other dissolved gases.

Are you thinking of switching from CO2 to N2 to save money? Did you know that conventional pressure/temperature CO2 measurement does not work if there is nitrogen present?

At Anton Paar we have the solution with the CarboQC and CBoxQC.

CarboQC and CBoxQQC measure the true dissolved carbon dioxide content in beverages without the influence of other dissolved gases such as nitrogen.

The amount of CO2 gas in a beverage is a critical quality parameter in production. Many different test methods have been developed over the years including both chemical and physical test methods. Over time the physical methods of measurement have become the preferred methods for beverage testing.

In their basic form these rely on the measurement of the temperature and pressure of gas in the headspace of the can/bottle, and use the ideal gas laws to convert this into a CO2 content. That is fine when the only gas present is CO2, but when other gases such as air, or nitrogen are present then these methods will give false readings. The total pressure reading obtained is a sum of the partial pressures of each different dissolved gas, but these simple instruments treat the total pressure as if it all comes from CO2, leading to erroneously high results, and potentially to out of specification product.

Anton Paar has the answer to this problem. Uniquely amongst producers of dissolved gas test instrumentation, our instruments use a patented multi-volume expansion technique. This allows the  CarboQC, CBoxQC or CarboQC ME models to test the true CO2 content in a beverage container without any influence from other dissolved gases – including Nitrogen purge gas.  In addition to a true CO2 content, the CBoxQC  will also measure the Oxygen content in the container. All three models will measure the gas content directly from the can or bottle when used in combination with our PFD piercing device or PBA beverage analysis systems.

Anton Paar

Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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