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BGS Launches New National Digital Dataset: Buried Valleys


The British Geological Survey (BGS) has recently published a new GIS dataset showing likely occurrences of buried valleys across Great Britain.

Buried valleys are ancient river or drainage networks beneath glaciers that are now abandoned and have become either partly or completely buried over time by more recent sediments. Because of this, buried valleys often exhibit little or no surface expression within the landscape we see today.

Despite the concealed occurrence of buried valleys they are important and useful geomorphological features as they offer the potential for providing geothermal energy or as a groundwater source for a variety of sectors, including the distilling, brewing, agricultural and manufacturing sectors to name a few. Buried valleys can also be substantial stores of sand and gravel resources which can act as traps for contaminants as well as pathways into groundwater aquifers.

Envireau Water will be actively exploring the dataset to understand the methods and how we may use it to support the work we do providing practical and pragmatic solutions for our existing and future clients with these sectors.

Want to know more? Visit the BGS website or contact Michael Underwood directly on 01332 871 876 or

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