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Blue premium radial shaft seal for the food industry

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Article by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

The operating conditions within the food industry are very challenging for the used sealing solutions, which not only have to comply with the high purity requirements, but also conform with the industry-specific legal regulations. In addition, they need to be resistant to aggressive product and cleaning media as well as to extreme temperatures and pressures.

This is where Freudenberg’s premium radial shaft seal Radiamatic® HTS II 9539 VL comes into play. With its protruding sealing lip that leaves no chance for dead space, its low friction and therefore low heat input, the anti-adhesiveness and its highly resistant PTFE material, this sealing solution is particularly suitable for the requirements of the food industry. Thanks to a special clamping ring technology, it offers a secure fit in open housings.

One special highlight is the availability of a high-performance, food-grade, blue-colored PTFE material, PTFE G224, which makes the radial shaft seal an even better solution for applications in the food industry.

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