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Booth Dispensers – Advanced Low Viscosity

ALV Plus Splash

Beat the Heat this summer and make sure your drinks are ice cold with Advanced Low Viscosity from Booth Dispensers!

Their ALV liquid is a higher performing alternative to glycol and is proven to be up to 66% more efficient than Mono Propylene Glycol, resulting in huge cost savings per litre!

ALV not only ensures your drinks are always at the lowest temperatures but also reduces demand from pumps, improving performance and decreasing the possibility of breakdowns, making the unit more energy efficient and lowering energy bills!

Boasting a superior environmental profile to any other cooling suppressant and containing no heavy metals, ALV is the only heat transfer fluid on the market with NSF certification and FDA approval, providing zero risk of toxicity!

ALV is available in three formats, to achieve consistent drink temperatures in scenarios where volume and quality dictates.

For more information on ALV please call 01253 501800 or visit their website

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