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Booth Dispensers Announce New Partnerships

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Booth Dispensers is a leading UK manufacturer with over 55 years of experience in the industry. Our team provides innovative cooling solutions for the Beer, Soft Drinks, water and vending markets with our clients spanning the entire globe. We utilise the latest technology and team members with a keen eye for detail; our company can provide your business with the best chillers and coolers on the market today.

We have recently teamed up with the Crown-Range to distribute the newest line of state-of-the-art water dispense systems for both under and over counter use. Designed around our state-of-the-art powerful Dry-Core technology, coupled with energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration the Crown-Range systems provide fast and consistent cooling, making sure your water is refreshing from the first drop to the last.
For more information on the Crown-Range please visit

We are proud to announce a brand-new partnership with IntelliCUP™ and share an all new system designed to revolutionise the drinks industry. IntelliCUP™ is a fully integrated smart, high speed, cashless, bottom fill “perfect serve” system that significantly increases merchant profitability, enhances the customer experience and delivers unprecedented levels of data. By reducing the transaction and pour time to around 10 seconds, IntelliCUP™ serves 5 to 20 times faster than current bar systems. By providing a fast, contactless service with the ability to monitor sales and statistics, it’s the ultimate mobile solution!
For more information on the IntelliCUP™ please visit

Introducing a brand-new product from industry specialists Analox. The portable co2 alarm CO2BUDDY has been Specifically designed for employees who work in enclosed areas, or those who visit different sites, where carbon dioxide build-up can cause serious harm to health. The extremely lightweight personal safety alarm clips to a shirt pocket, lanyard, or belt without drag. Designed to alert the user and people in the area to dangerous carbon dioxide leaks, the CO2BUDDY features high visibility LED’s, a loud alarm and powerful vibration motor.
For more information on the CO2 Buddy please visit

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