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In 2019, June 25-26 Yolong Industrial Company took the first steps into the UK Brewing & Beverage Industries, first huge step was joining the BFBi, many thanks the Ruth Evans their CEO for her teams help and assistance joining this prestigious association and then Exhibiting at Bevexpo 2019 at The Ricoh Arena Coventry.

In this exhibition we displayed for the very first time a 4HL fully automated 3 vessel brewhouse to the beverage, beer and brewery industry. Even though Bevexpo seemed quiet, we welcomed very good UK visitors to discuss cooperation with us and share our knowledge together YoLong specializes on microbrewery, brewpubs building up, provides one standard service of turn-key projects from design and final commissioning.

YoLong design and fabricate kinds of Stainless Steel Vessels/processing tanks based on different needs and requirements, customized solutions are fully available. A Perfect service system of brewing consultation, engineering, technical support and after sale services ensure high quality, on time delivery to the brewers’ exact requirements.

Yolong started in 2014 in North China however we relocated to our current brand-new factory in 2016, YoLong have had the ability to produce the world-class brewery systems, so we re-organized. We built a new factory in Ningbo city, to be better to provide our customers with the world’s top-quality brewery systems and equipment.

We have been honored to work with the most respected nano/micro and craft breweries in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, Singapore, India etc.

After Bevexpo, the Yolong Team travelled to visit current UK customers, we met up with the brewer to see the newly opened Brewdog Manchester Outpost this MicroBrewPub opened 21st June 2019 with a Yolong 5HL 2 Vessel Micro brewhouse with manual controls. We were lucky to taste the first ever Brewdog sample brewed here straight off one of the 3 installed 300L FV’s. We had some great times in UK.

Looking forward to attending Bevexpo 2020 once again in Coventry.

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