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Brewfitt Launch New & Improved CoolTube ‘Pancake’ Heat Exchanger Range

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Following on from the success of the original CoolTube heat exchanger range, Brewfitt are delighted to announce the launch of the CoolTube Pancake Range. Smaller and even more efficient, the patented cooling technology is revolutionizing both primary and secondary cooling.

Available in single, 2-way and 4-way configurations, the device runs off the python recirculation lines and is coolant dependent, utilizing all cooling mediums. It’s over 12 times smaller and lighter than standard heat exchangers and requires no fixing into position.

With superior delta T and consistent dispense temperature, the CoolTube Pancake is a versatile and efficient solution for drinks dispense cooling. As part of the ‘Future of Dispense’ system it is primarily cellar based, however it can fit into the most confined spaces, including directly under the font, saving valuable space behind the bar.

The CoolTube Pancake has reduced electricity usage and bills, with no heat output or noise. It also requires less maintenance and produces less waste when line cleaning.

To find out more, download the product brochure here:

CoolTube Pancake Range

The full CoolTube range is available at For further information you can contact our Technical Sales team on 01484 340800 or email Join the revolution in drinks dispense cooling with the CoolTube Pancake Range.


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