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Brewfitt – Optimise Your Winter Cooling with DTX Coolant

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As the winter season approaches, taking steps to ensure your cooling systems are winter-ready is paramount. Coolflow DTX, a high-efficiency, non-toxic antifreeze/coolant, is a key component of this preparation process.

What is DTX?

DTX is a specialised antifreeze/coolant designed to deliver superior performance and advantages over alternatives like Propylene Glycol.

Why Choose DTX?

Here’s why choose DTX:

1. Enhanced Heat Transfer: DTX improves heat transfer efficiency within your cooling systems, ensuring they operate at peak performance.

2. Effortless Pumping: Thanks to the viscosity achieved, DTX is exceptionally easy to pump, especially in low-temperature environments, ensuring your cooling systems remain efficient all year round.

3. Energy Savings: With its superior performance, Coolflow DTX can reduce energy bills, delivering long-term cost savings.

As winter approaches, consider the importance of changing your coolant to protect your cooler from the freezing elements and to ensure your cooling systems function optimally. Prepare for the colder months by making the switch to Coolflow DTX. It’s a strategic choice to keep your systems running efficiently throughout the winter season. Get ready for winter with Coolflow DTX.

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