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Bright and Bold Gift Packaging for Horseshoe Gin

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We recently produced the perfect packaging solution for Horseshoe Distillery, an exciting new small-batch distillery in Northern Ireland that produces a 100% Irish dry gin – Horseshoe Gin. This refreshingly different brand has a sophisticated yet youthful and forward-thinking approach – and they were after eye-catching packaging that reflected their unique brand character.

Horseshoe Gin’s packaging requirements

 The team at Horseshoe Gin wanted a gin gift packaging solution that would boast a powerful presence and stand out on shelves. The drinks sector is highly competitive, with new brands popping up seemingly overnight – so it’s critical to grab the consumer’s attention immediately.

So, they reached out to Smurfit Kappa to design a gin gift box that would perfectly capture their brand personality – bold and bright, with functionality at the core. The Horseshoe Gin team wanted to create an impactful and fun bottle packaging design to differentiate them from the competition.

Our team of packaging experts at Smurfit Kappa created a bespoke gin gift packaging solution that boasted a striking shelf presence and provided Horseshoe Gin customers with an exceptional unboxing experience.

Introducing an exciting new dimension

Part of the allure of Horseshoe Gin is the “hidden” messages in the wrap-around printing on their glass bottles, alongside their signature swing top “pop” lid. The clever yet beautifully crafted gin gift packaging would seamlessly complete this blend of fun and functionality.

When creating the gift packaging, Horseshoe Gin asked our design team to ensure their distinctive diamond-shaped label showed through a cut-out at the front of the box. Ensuring the label and cut-out were perfectly aligned was challenging, but the team quickly overcame this. This distinctive diamond cut-out allows the bottle and the Horseshoe Gin brand to remain a key focus to catch the customer’s eye instantly.

Once the alignment was perfected, it was time for the next step. To ensure there were minimal product breakages and to prevent damage from scuffing, the team needed to ensure the bottle of gin wouldn’t move or twist inside the box when in transit.

The stunning result was a daring design featuring a sleek inner lid with eye-catching cut-outs to hold the fragile bottle firmly. This quirky yet cunning design encourages the customer to lift the box and turn the product, exploring the design while the bottle remains snugly in place.

Irresistible packaging that’s kinder to the environment

The captivating result was sleek and sophisticated gin gift packaging that is sure to be a hit amongst gin lovers. Our skilled team created a superb solution that functions seamlessly for the Horseshoe Gin staff packing the boxes; while providing a flawless and fun unboxing experience for the consumer.

Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable packaging solutions from the brands they buy from. With 75% recycled fibre in our packaging products, we helped this brand appeal to the growing numbers of eco-conscious consumers whilst maintaining the quality and aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

The new gin gift packaging stopped twisting bottles during transit, ensuring the product is received exactly as intended, resulting in delighted customers. With endless options for consumers to choose from, an alluring and arresting shelf presence is vital to capturing a consumer’s eye in supermarkets and other retail environments. The vivid new packaging for Horseshoe Gin helps the product stand out on shelves in a crowded category.

Sam Dorman from Horseshoe Gin said, “We’re really pleased with the striking colours, and the print quality is more than we could have asked for. You’ve (Smurfit Kappa) managed to capture everything we were looking for from our new packaging, and we think it really reflects who we are as a brand. The real test is always in how customers and retailers receive a product, and we’ve had really positive feedback from both!”

Trusted packaging partners with an impeccable track record

With our wealth of experience breathing life into innovative emerging brands, we’ve established an impressive reputation at Smurfit Kappa for turning ideas into reality by working closely alongside our clients to go above and beyond to satisfy their brief.

To find out more about how we can boost your brand by creating compelling, captivating, and convenient packaging for your products, get in touch today.

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