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Bring the Magic of Tap Rooms Home with Muntons


Having not had access to brewery tap rooms for much of the last two years, any intrepid craft beer lover has missed being the first to share in brewers’ innovations.  This has inspired award-winning maltsters and developers of leading home brewing beer kits, Muntons, to give you a way to bring the joy of the tap room home.

Muntons call it the Tap Room Series and it consists of four truly limited-edition styles of single can home brewing beer kits; Lazy Days, Simply the Zest, Higher Ground and One in a Melon. Muntons have only produced 1000 kits of each of these. Perhaps you could be one of the lucky few to try every style?

Muntons has worked closely with art enthusiasts within our home brewing community to give the packaging an artistic flair with each label featuring competition winning designs. The combination of unique artwork and innovative product perfectly reflecting the playful vibe of a community that is very serious about making their own outstanding beer!

Each beer will explore a different flavour palate and style. Lazy Days is a tropical IPA with notes of grapefruit and mango whilst Higher Ground is a coffee porter with smoky and roasted undertones. One in a Melon is a fresh and tangy example of the increasingly popular sour beer and Simply the Zest is a refreshing and zingy take on the classic Radler.

Nick Piper from Muntons is the brewer behind this innovation. He comments, “The Tap Room series is a celebration of variety in the beer industry.  Hidden under railway arches and adorning industrial estates up and down the UK, many microbreweries offer us their take on new trends and reinvented classics through their tap rooms.  This is our way of capturing that feeling and bringing it to the home brewer.”

MuntonsTap Room Series is available from UK retailers. Please ask at your local homebrew shop and a list of stockists is available on the Muntons website


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