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Campden BRI launches ‘Campden Learning’, an on demand e-learning platform tailored to the food and drink industry.


Campden BRI, the leading global training provider to the food and drink industry, is excited to launch its innovative on demand e-learning platform, Campden Learning.  The new platform brings together deep industry knowledge and expertise using dynamic digital tools to deliver an interactive and engaging training experience.  With Campden Learning, participants can enjoy first-rate training in any location they choose and are able to play and pause their learning to suit their professional and personal commitments.

Campden Learning training manager, Jo Rathkey comments,

Campden Learning is a fantastic example of the many initiatives that Campden BRI is developing for the food and drink industry.

The nature of our sector means that businesses cannot afford to be left behind on information, knowledge and the latest thinking around a number of topics.  We know the pressures the food and drink industry must manage and that time is often scarce as a consequence, so we designed Campden Learning to offer a practical solution to time-pressured employees who need to fit the demands of their profession around their learning.  Our new platform allows participants to dip in and out of their courses whilst easily keeping track of their progress.

In addition, we know businesses require assurance that their employees are receiving the very best high-quality training available, with minimal downtime and optimal results to maximise their training budgets.  By choosing training from the market leader, via the Campden Learning platform, they know they can trust the quality of the information and its delivery.”

Adopting on demand e-learning means that no matter where your workforce is, whether in one location or scattered across continents, all of them can benefit from the learning provided by the market leading experts in food and drink industry training.

Campden Learning content is developed by Campden BRI’s experienced subject matter experts to produce audio-led bitesize sessions using a combination of video, animation, graphics and interactive tools, ensuring an engaging experience for participants.  Learning is reinforced using activities and knowledge check quizzes.  An Introduction to Thermal Processing is the first course to be offered, with more courses to follow throughout 2023.

Find out more about Campden Learning and how it can help your employees and your business to benefit from first-class training on demand.  Contact

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