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As the UK’s leading centre for brewing research, Campden BRI has specialist capabilities and expertise in brewing microbiology, yeast management and yeast molecular biology, which we use to provide a range of valuable services for our clients.

Here is an overview of what they offer:

Yeast storage – The best in yeast culture management, storage and despatch facilities to ensure our customers have a safe and stable deposit of their brewing yeast strains.

Yeast supply – Providing you with our yeast strains, either on an agar slope for your own in house propagations, or as a ready-to-pitch 5 litre propagation (including viability and cell count) in the form of a compact yeast slurry.

Contaminant screening – Specialist spoilage microorganism screening for slurry, fermentations, and final products (incl. keg, cask, can and bottle), to detect any hygiene and contamination issues in the brewhouse or packaging.

Saccharomyces diastaticus screening – Rapid investigation of your product for the presence of S. diastaticus, with our GeneDisc PCR platform.

Flocculation tests – Help to investigate and measure how a new or established yeast strain aggregates, which is critical to yeast recovery.

Giant colony analysis – Investigating colony morphologies of isolates and their flocculation characteristics, to establish the different proportions of yeast strains present in a mixed culture.

Yeast Karyotyping – Assessing your yeast strain’s long term stability, using ‘fingerprinting’ to monitor for chromosomal changes that could alter process performance and beer quality.

Get in touch for yeast services and much more, across all matters related to beer, wine and spirit development, production and analysis.

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