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Campden BRI publishes new guidance on TACCP/VACCP


Guideline 72 (TACCP/VACCP: threat and vulnerability assessments – food fraud and food defence) has been updated to reflect the changes in food fraud and food defence, with considerations on updates to standards, retailer requirements, reference documents and further sources of detail.
A core element in the security of food against unacceptable risks is a systematic evaluation of deliberately perpetrated exploitation of the supply chain carried out by an experienced and trusted team.  This has been called both ‘threat assessment and critical control point (TACCP)’ and ‘vulnerability assessment and critical control point (VACCP)’.  The evaluations reflect established procedures for risk management and it is likely that organisations will increasingly incorporate it into a framework for crisis and/or business continuity management.
The Guideline focuses on providing practical guidance on conducting a threat or vulnerability assessment study, and the key elements to consider.

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