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Carbon dioxide CO2 supply and storage providers

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IGC – Who are we?

We are a major independent supplier of carbon dioxide vessels with over 25 years’ worth of industry expertise in this field.

Although based in the North west, we work with many major blue chip companies from brewing, food processing to science research and nuclear, to name a few. IGC have an outstanding track record with a plethora of satisfied customers. IGC are one of the largest installers and suppliers of pressure vessels for Carbon dioxide and industrial gases throughout the whole of the UK.

How can we help you?

We give our customers old and new the opportunity to provide gas tank & equipment rentals to customers that were previously tied to one company for both services. The long term benefit here is you are not tied into expensive contacts.

In recent years we have been facing a shortage of Carbon Dioxide, by choosing to work with us you have the option to shop around and choose from the most competitive supplier of choice that meets your needs and not the suppliers.

Contact us on  07931 765454 or use the “contact us” section on our home page to allow us to  conduct a  complimentary review and  let’s see how we can save you money and unlock your business’s full potential.


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