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Celebrating Earth Science Week


This week is Earth Science Week!

Not familiar with Earth Science Week? It’s an annual international celebration of the geology all around us. The UK has incredibly diverse geology, within a relatively small area. The rocks that make up our islands represent a long and complicated history of geological events. They evidence most of the major periods of geological time and extremes of climate from desert to glacier. Our geology played a big part in the Industrial Revolution and has shaped the way Britain has evolved. It’s a good week to pay attention to what’s under our feet!

Through public events like geowalks, hands-on activities, talks and open days, organisations and individuals aim to raise public awareness of geology and how it affects our lives. Coordinated by the American Geoscience Institute in the US, and the Geological Society of London in the UK and Ireland, the week also takes place in an increasing number of countries around the world.



The theme this year is ‘Geoscience is for everyone‘. The Geological Society want to show the diversity of geoscientists working in the field today, so they’ve asked people working in geoscience to submit photos of themselves in their working environments. Our team has got involved, sending in snaps taken on site over the last couple of weeks. We’ve got a Hydrogeologists in quarries and on industrial sites, a Geoscientist outside her office and an Earth Scientist out in the field, quite a variety! Check out our social channels to see all of our Geoscientists in action.


Join the conversation on social media with the hashtags #IAMANEARTHSCIENTIST and #EarthSciWeek.

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