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Check Up On Your Pump’s Health


At Grundfos, we know that older pumps not only consume too much energy, but that they are also prone to failure that can adversely affect your business as well as your maintenance budget. By replacing them with new, energy-efficient pumps, you get reliable, low-cost pump operation.

This is what a large office building in central London did when they replaced obsolete pumps with new, energy-efficient models following a Grundfos onsite check-up. The pumps now operate to meet the actual demand, and the new pumps are delivering a saving 318,000 kWh per year after the estate’s personnel followed through on recommendations they received having undertaken a Grundfos energy check. This has amounted to a massive saving of £30k p.a., a large reduction in CO2 emissions and a short payback period.

Grundfos are typically able to achieve energy savings of 30-60% for customers. By checking up on your pumps and pump solution, this will point the way towards the optimal pump replacement that will deliver the greatest energy savings. In return, you will get reliable operation, less downtime and reduced repair costs. The result: greatly improved system reliability.  Visit to learn more.

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