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At Grundfos we understand that for you to be successful, you need the right team behind you, so we are delighted to tell you about our up-to-date domestic circulator line-up who are ready to meet all the challenges of the heating season.

Take for example the ALPHA1 that delivers the highest efficiency on the market and that is also available as a stainless tell ‘N’ version for DHW applications.  The ALPHA3 delivers the same high efficiency but also includes wireless hydraulic balancing and set-up direct to your smartphone, without the need for a separate reader.

The top-billing goes to the UPS3 that was introduced in 2018 and that has been built on a platform that had already been proven in millions of boilers. Its success could be down to the fact that it maintained the features that you liked from the UPS2, such as: manual deblocking, robust start-up and ceramic shaft / bearings, but has also added a new plug, increased efficiency. Proving to be a convenient and very popular feature that offers a faster first-time fix is the GO Replace app.  This will quickly confirm if the Grundfos UPS3 can be used as a replacement.

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Nikita BFBi

Nikita BFBi

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