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Clapton Craft – Going the extra mile the extra mile with Premium Beer Packaging

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Clapton Craft hail from our capital city of London and Saxon Packaging‘s relationship with them goes as far back as 2014. Since then, Saxon Packaging has produced a variety of different beer packaging solutions to support their sales of local, UK and imported beers across their growing number of outlets. Like many craft beer retailers, Clapton Craft have also embraced the world of eCommerce retailing to help facilitate digital sales of their products.

In November 2019, Tom McKim (Director – Clapton Craft), sent through an enquiry for a 12x440ml can / 330ml bottle gift box, that could be used to present his products in a more exciting and memorable way for his customers whilst keeping the contents inside secure. Sales Director at Saxon Packaging, Mike Impson, along with their in-house design team quickly got to work on bringing this design to life.

The various bright & bold colours you see on the packaging artwork are overlaid on a rich black canvas, which help make the packaging stand out. To achieve the desired high-quality look and feel for the packaging design, the packs were printed using the 4-colour (CMYK) litho printing process and coated using a machine varnish.

The structural packaging design for the gift pack is based on a FEFCO 0471 style box and die-cut on an EB corrugated cardboard substrate, using our BOBST Vision Cut machine. EB fluting is a very popular choice with the brewing industry due to its ability to withstand the rigors of varying conditions of transit. – Perfect for getting beers delivered safely from the warehouse to the customer!

“There’s just something about this large-format litho pack; the colours really seem to ‘pop’ when you look at it. Clapton Craft have really understood the value of premium packaging through the use of high-quality printing and it’s been great to have helped them to create something special for their customers.” – Mike Impson

In line with the growing trend of eCommerce and direct-to-consumer sales in the brewing industry, Clapton Craft have recognised the importance of having their products available to purchase via their website and with the use of Saxon’s latest packaging solutions are able to ensure their products arrive both safely and looking good!

“It was a pleasure working with Mike and the team on this as always and the print and cut quality of the finished box is outstanding. We specifically wanted a packaging solution that didn’t require tape or glue and the front ‘lid’ design that the team came up with works perfectly and really adds to the unboxing experience. We look forward to working with the Saxon team on our next project!” Tom McKim – Director, Clapton Craft.

With an initial order of 1600 boxes, we’re pleased to hear that Clapton Craft are delighted with their gift packaging solution and that the boxes (and beer of course!) have been thoroughly enjoyed by their customers across the nation.

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