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Clean Beer Lines, Wherever You Choose To Pour


In an increasingly discerning market, beer quality makes or breaks a brand. Perhaps you have a venue with a desire to provide a chilled and perfect pour for draft beer but not necessarily the cellar and traditional set up that is required to provide draft. Maybe you would like a self-contained keg unit that can be easily moved from one location to the next. Perhaps you are nervous about how to maintain the cleanliness of your beer lines at all times, regardless of needing skilled staff. Micro Matic may just have the answer you have been looking for.

Micro Matic listened to customers who wanted to offer a high quality draft product but either did not have a cellar for a traditional beer line solution to be installed or wanted to be able to move the dispense location depending on event.

FlexiDraft™ was launched to meet these customers’ needs and is already proving to be a big hit with venues that want flexibility, affordability and most importantly, exceptional quality beer to ensure their customer return for more.

FlexiDraft™ is an innovative solution for venues that would usually be unable to provide a draft drinking experience for their customers as it is a self-contained, mobile unit that combines refrigeration technology with a simple to use, disposable line from the keg to the font.

Happy customers include Sunderland’s Stadium of Light football stadium, outside catering venues, restaurants, small bars and pop up events. The disposable line proves popular for its ease of installation which removes the need for an expert to be on site to create a quality pint. The beer line is simply and quickly fitted in to the unit then disposed once used. This is convenient as it takes away the need for cleaning, which removes the many health and taste quality risks associated with dirty lines.

We interviewed Glen Houston, Key Account Manager at Micro Matic UK to find out more: “FlexiDraft™ allows draft brewery brands to suddenly be available where previously only bottled beer could compete. End users loyal to draft beer love the quality and having draft on tap can be a decision point when choosing to hold an event at one venue over another so it enables a new point of difference for many locations.

“From weddings in the middle of a field to pop up concerts, the ability to have a great quality chilled draft solution opens up the beer market even further. FlexiDraft™ is easily moved as the unit simply plugs into a mains electricity supply, with no requirements for cellars, long complicated beer lines or cleaning of the equipment. A truly flexible way to serve draft.

“Increasingly demanding customers appreciate a quality beer that is the correct temperature. FlexiDraft™ offers the confidence that this can be achieved every time. There is almost no beer wastage too which makes FlexiDraft an economical choice. It can cost around £50 per bar to do a line clean due to beer wastage alone plus other costs include the water, gas, labour and cleaning materials and inconvenience of down time that can now be eliminated. Cleaning beer lines is a cost that can be avoided as  once a keg is empty, you simply dispose of the line, fit a new one and then you are ready to go, taking just seconds to complete the process.

“FlexiDraft™ can also help you save on energy costs as the keg only needs to be cooled in a smaller more efficient unit rather than a large cellar.”

You can also find out more about the technology by visiting or visit the UK Micro Matic site at:

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