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Close Brothers extends cask and keg offers

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Close Brothers Brewery Rentals are well known for their ecask and ekeg solutions and now, as the industry gets back on its feet, they are offering containers at a discounted rate to help.

Half price short term rental ecasks

They are offering 50 per cent off unwashed 9-gallon ecasks until the end of September, up to a maximum of 72 casks per month. In addition, they’re extending payment terms for those using this service to 60 days, giving businesses an additional 20 days to pay.

Ekegs for £5

They’re also offering one-time unwashed 30 litre ekegs at £5 per container until the end of September. Again, the offer is limited to 72 containers per customer, per month, and will be subject to extended 60-day payment terms.

David Beswick, Managing Director at Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, said:

“At Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, we recognise that businesses may have additional pressure on cash flow and will need to be flexible and responsive at this time. Our drinks and equipment and container solutions are designed with businesses in mind, and these offers reflect our commitment to that approach.”

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