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Counter Pressure Canning at 3600 cans per hour.

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There is nothing on the market like the CODI counter pressure canning system from Core Equipment. With beer loss rates as low as 2%, this is the pioneering technology a business needs to pack the punch and deliver the quality they need.

Counter pressure filling greatly reduces dissolved oxygen pickup, whilst at the same time enables higher levels of carbonation. With an oxygen pickup as low as 10ppb from tank to can, the longevity of the product shelf life is increased considerably. There is no need to chill the beer first; the counter pressure systems allows the cans to be filled at higher temperatures. High temperature CIP (clean-in-place) is made straight forward and stress free with the all stainless-steel construction.

The 6 head in-line canning machine has a high degree of efficiency and the ability to fill different can sizes. Any size of beverage can from 150ml slim to 500ml standard, the Codi can fill it.

Canning the products should be hassle free; the ability to operate a full system remotely makes this possible. The capability to set custom parameters allowing fill times or levels ensures the canning process will continue to effectively deliver quality results, no matter where it is running from!

Dan Tomlin, Sales Manager at Core Equipment explained; “every stage in the canning process plays an integral role in the success of canning your product. The Cody fully automatic depalletiser from Core is nothing short of remarkable with a wide range of versatile capabilities. This extraordinary machine can unload up to 250 cans a minute, and be built to suit any height, tailor making to suit your end destination”.

The intelligence of the DPL-250 includes a system of sensors; demonstrating knowledge of how many cans are left at any given point and providing information including when more cans will be required. The size of the cans are not an issue with the ability to provide suitability for any can size with no changed parts.

With a knowledgeable team on hand to provide turnkey solutions and support to meet specific business needs, contact the sales team at Core Equipment to find out more.


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