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Creative thinking overcomes obstacles for Bottled in Cumbria


Maintaining viable production systems while managing energy costs has become a huge challenge for many independent brewers, but a bespoke installation by Collective Motion Brewing has demonstrated what can be achieved with a combination of creative thinking, versatility and technical expertise.

Cockermouth-based Bottled in Cumbria needed to install a single-head keg machine, but its plans were complicated by problems supplying hot water for the detergent set. Two standard solutions had to be ruled out: a large electric steam generator was impossible due to a limited electrical supply – already servicing multiple cold stores and other production equipment – while insufficient budget was available for the installation of a gas-fired steam generator.

Brewing equipment specialists, Collective Motion Brewing, were asked to devise a workable solution. As an alternative to feeding mains cold water to the detergent set and steam-heating it to 60 degrees Celsius, they came up with a system which used a separate hot water tank to feed pre-heated water. The tank represented added value as an efficient and effective means to heat bulk amounts of water for cleaning and other internal processes.

The lack of electrical supply remained an obstacle to overcome, but Collective Motion Brewing noted the building’s unused gas supply and tapped into it to provide the necessary power. The team built and installed a gas-fired hot water tank which, despite a significant rise in gas prices, remains cheaper per kWh than heating with electricity. To complete the solution, Collective Motion Brewing sourced and shipped a small steam generator to retain heat in the detergent set and sterilise the kegs as part of the cleaning cycle.

Dominic Smith, Director at Collective Motion Brewing, said:

“Bottled in Cumbria’s brief was the sort of technical challenge we love to take on. We enjoy collaborating with clients to problem-solve and develop solutions that work within the constraints of their facilities and budget. In the context of soaring prices, managing energy costs is one of the biggest issues facing independent brewers and we have developed a lot of business in delivering improvements in energy efficiency. The installation at Bottled in Cumbria is a good example – the hot water tank delivers greater efficiency through multiple uses and a less energy-intensive system in service of the detergent set.”

Nicky Ross, Head of Maintenance at Bottled in Cumbria, said:

“Collective Motion Brewing configured and commissioned everything and now all our facilities are working as they should. We are very happy with the end result.”

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