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For many decades, the DFx Technology team has been instrumental in driving forward innovative dispense technology within the UK Beverage sector.  With its strong historic emphasis on energy saving dispense equipment products, which integrate remote reporting and control, the company provides a fully comprehensive technical and engineering resource for its end customers.

With its unparalleled ability to take initial design concepts through to final mass producible products DFx has become the supplier of choice when it comes to being able to provide state-of-the-art technical solutions for its extensive client base.

With its long history of being a Tier 1 supplier to all major Bevcos, DFx has a proven track record which is second to none.  The experience gained over forty years of trading means that it truly understands the complexity of the trading environment in which it operates and is thus able to provide the best solutions to any given problem.

More recently, the company has transformed itself from an organisation which quietly (and almost invisibly) provided solutions for major players within the industry to a self-assured provider of equipment sold under its own DFx Technology brand.

Its long history of solving problems for others has ensured that it has a very high confidence level in the products which it designs and produces for the marketplace.

DFx is probably most well-known within the industry for having been the organisation behind the design of ‘smart’, energy saving, beverage dispense systems. Coupled with these technologies, it has, over many years, provided OEM Cooler Controls and illuminated POS bar equipment (including ice-founts) for all of the major brewers and soft drinks providers.

The Company boasts a very strong R&D team backed up by an ISO Certified Manufacturing and Environmental Quality System.

The R&D capabilities include a full 3D CAD suite which is used for 3D rapid prototyping, product visualisation and realisation and metalwork and plastic mould design.  The advanced software allows stress analysis of components and the modelling of plastic flow within mould tools which ensures that the parts it designs are able to be produced reliably and repeatedly.  The DFx workshop also includes CNC machining capabilities and a fully-fledged pre-compliance EMC testing suite which ensure that customers receive designs which will readily pass European and UK compliance standards.

Backing up its strong R&D capabilities, the company has a highly effective and well-resourced UK based manufacturing facility which ensures that the products it designs are manufactured as efficiently as possible with maximum reliability and process tolerance.  The manufacturing technologies embraced include SMT & Conventional electronics & test/calibration, coupled with sub-assembly and finished equipment builds.  These builds can be bespoke to customers’ requirements or for DFx’s own generic equipment.

Most recently, the company has invested heavily in the provision of SaaS solutions for its customers.  To this end, all of DFx’s equipment is designed with internet connectivity in mind (IOT).  The DFx Liveview® software suite is the offering in this space and it is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides a seamless two-way communication channel between DFx Liveview® enabled equipment located anywhere in the world.  The system therefore allows for reporting and control telemetry to be coordinated from a central customer location.  Overlaying of sophisticated reporting with long-term data trend analysis makes maximum sense of engineering, sales and marketing data which can then be used to manage operations and promotions out in trade.

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