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Whether you have a product that is causing customer complaints or one that you are struggling to successfully develop and launch, their experts are here to discover the optimal solution to turn around its fortunes.

At Campden BRI, they have the in-house expertise, equipment and resource to resolve the more tricky and elusive answers to why your product is failing.

Their team are ready to undertake expert analysis to confirm/rule out hypotheses, search relevant literature for similar occurrences or collate relevant information around your topic of interest.

How they do it

Physical characterisation is important when analysing and measuring the ‘quality’ of food and drink products. Here in the Food and Drink Microstructure Team they characterise the properties of food and drink products with regards to their physical properties, identifying the textural, structural, rheological, and thermal properties of food, drinks, ingredients, and intermediate products such as doughs/batters. They investigate ingredient functionality including much work on plant protein functionality such as gelling, emulsification, foaming and much more. However, they also apply this to their consultancy problem solving service to all their clients.

What you will discover

They identify the potential causes of a deterioration in quality, undertake analysis to confirm or refute these and then use their vast body of resource to provide you with the optimal solutions to these quality issues.

Quality issues they regularly solve include:

  • Breakdown of sauces and emulsions
  • Deterioration in colour
  • Changes in texture
  • Fat blooming or beading desserts and caking of powders over time

For example, enzyme (amylase) activity, which breaks down starch gels, is a common issue for a breakdown in consistency over time and is often overlooked as a problem due to the process being designed to deactivate these enzymes. However, there are certain points during a process that can negate the controls if not performed correctly or are not doing what they should, such as; samples being left for a few hours before being heat treated, cooking vessels not reaching a consistent temperature or having cold spots, or being contaminated etc.

Reasons to choose Campden BRI

  • Their experts have unrivalled experience in collaborating with clients to tackle costly issues
  • An ability to quickly identify not only the problem but more importantly the required solution
  • Access to a huge body of research plus our instrumental characterisation techniques.

So, whether it is issues with sauces thinning over time, breakdown of emulsions or any other deterioration in quality, we can provide insight into what is causing the issue and provide recommendations on how to solve it.

Contact them today and let them solve your challenge together.

Blog by Campden BRI

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