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Ecodraft Innovates with Ecological Keg


For years, brewers have been bringing their beer to the pubs in stainless steel kegs. The Belgian company Cardiff Group developed an alternative. Today, Ecodraft kegs are exported all over the world.

A couple of weeks ago, during BrauBeviale in Nurnberg, Ecodraft received the award for being the most environmentally friendly packaging. It was the crowning achievement of a long-term development process and the confirmation that ecology is becoming increasingly important in the beverage industry.

Stainless steel kegs are still well known in the beverage industry, because of their robustness. However, the environmental impact of this kind of packaging is considerable. The ecological alternative is Ecodraft. “Ecodraft is a reusable HDPE keg”, explains Jan Vanaken. “It works with a patented double-bag system, one for the beer, one for the pressure medium. When the keg is empty, the bags have to be replaced and the keg can be reused.”

Ecodraft has many benefits. In addition to the water conservation, the brewer minimizes his ecological footprint, while the production of lightweight HDPE kegs demands less energy and CO2. “Ecodraft focuses on reusability whereby the use of new raw materials is minimalized” says Ulrich Weckx. “Additionally, our compact filling spears reduce the impact of transport on the environment as well.”

Most Ecodraft kegs are exported from Belgium across the world and the company opened an office in the United States of America. At this moment, most customers are craft breweries, but Ecodraft aims for the large breweries as well. “Because there’s no contact between the pressure medium and the beverage, the shelf life will be longer on tap. With the rise of new breweries, taste will become even more important.”

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