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Ecolab Invites You To A COVID-19 Webinar


Ecolab’s priority is to continue to support the Food and Beverage industry in this unprecedented journey. Whatever situation you are facing at your production site, Ecolab can help you identify the most important COVID-19 risks, assess and implement the right hygiene protocols to ensure the continuity of your operations.

Join Ecolab for a Webinar on Thursday, 14th May (@ 3pm CET / 2pm GMT), where you’ll learn about:

  • How the contamination occurs and the importance of a risk assessment
  • The right decontamination protocols for production and non-production areas and the importance of avoiding errors
  • Keeping safety and health on site while working in a pandemic

    Leading the webinar and guiding the Q&A session will be Ecolab experts:
    Thomas Tyborski, Manager Technical Support Food & Beverage, Germany and Switzerland
    Edwine van Ammers, Technical Support Specialist, Food & Beverage, Western Europe
    Thomas Wershofen, Applications Specialist, Food & Beverage, Europe

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