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Envirogen Group kicks off launch of PureSep hygienic reverse osmosis system with installation at Coca Cola European Partners

Coca Cola Edmonton

Envirogen Group has launched PureSep RO, its latest reverse osmosis system designed specifically for the food and beverage manufacturing sector. With its hygienic design, high-efficiency membranes and remote monitoring capabilities, PureSep RO has been developed to meet the exacting quality standards of the industry, while reducing energy use and waste.

John Jepson, Commercial Director at Envirogen, explains: “We’ve tailored the PureSep RO system to meet the unique demands faced by the food and beverage industry. The very highest hygienic standards are achieved, with stainless steel used throughout the design, while pressure-based filtration removes 99.9% of bacteria, virus, pyrogens and suspended solids and 99% of dissolved ions. Because the technology is based on high-efficiency membrane filtration at ambient temperatures, manufacturers can achieve high-quality permeate for food and beverage applications, while reducing operating costs and the risks associated with chemical handling.”

The Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP) site in Edmonton, UK, recently installed a PureSep RO system. The site had very precise product consistency and quality standards, as well as stringent health and safety and environmental requirements which need a high standard of process water for key product lines. With its modular design, PureSep RO was customised to fit CCEP’s exact needs and was integrated easily with the existing processing systems, providing the necessary permeate standards for batch processes. With the addition of a nanofiltration module, the PureSep RO system achieves water recovery rates of up to 90%, helping to reduce CCEP’s environmental impact.

PureSep RO installation at CCEP Edmonton, UK.

PureSep RO is the latest in a series of water treatment and process filtration solutions designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. Earlier in the year, Envirogen launched PureSep MF, a next-generation hollow fibre membrane treatment system designed specifically for the clarification of alcoholic beverages, vinegar and fruit juices. Another modular system, PureSep MF, provides superior, high-quality clarification and increased yields in a compact design, with easy installation and straightforward operation.

“Over many years, we’ve had the pleasure of working within some of the biggest global food and beverage brands. We continue to develop water treatment and process filtration systems and provide flexible service and maintenance options to help the industry become as productive, efficient and sustainable as possible,” concludes Jepson.

For a free assessment, and to see how you can save energy, water, waste and money with PureSep RO, contact the Envirogen team.

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