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Fast and easy access to pump data with Industrial Ethernet control

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Advances in digital technologies are changing the way manufacturing and process plants are controlled. Utilising EtherNet/IP™ Industrial Ethernet control, Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps are now able to provide you with access to fast, accurate performance data and seamless connectivity to modern PLC control systems, including Rockwell Automation, Emerson and Schneider.

EtherNet/IP adapts the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) to standard Ethernet, supporting easy network integration, and enabling more data sharing and diagnostics.

The pumps also include a direct interface to third-party pressure and flow sensors, which provides network access to sensor data. Operators can set local limits on pump operation, thereby safeguarding process integrity and monitoring performance.

Learn more about how you can improve your process performance and reduce operating costs.

Learn more about EtherNet/IP connected pumps

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