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Festive brews made easy thanks to the new winter selection box from Totally Natural Solutions

Brewers looking to create a festive brew this Christmas, but unsure how to add new aroma and flavour profiles will be putting the new limited edition selection box from Totally Natural Solutions straight to the top of their Christmas list.

Totally Natural Solutions, a UK-headquartered provider of innovative, natural hop oil extracts is committed to delivering high-quality products to the global brewing industry. Aimed at brewers who are keen to develop products and flavours, this new winter selection pack contains the brand’s best-selling Natural Sensations range of winter fruit flavours and spicy notes to help brewers create a variety of unique festive beers this winter.

The pack contains 6 x 15ml TNS Natural Sensations™ extracts including Cherry, Apple Strudel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Plum and Ginger. Each hop oil is a natural liquid which is fully soluble making it perfect for festive brewing regardless of batch size.

Managing director at Totally Natural Solutions, Colin Wilson, said: “We know brewers are constantly looking to innovate with new flavour profiles, but can sometimes be daunted by the time it takes to create natural flavours. Our hop oils are a fantastic way to improve brewing efficiency, cut down on storage and minimise beer loss. This new winter selection box allows brewers to experiment with festive flavours on a small scale, cutting down on risks and allowing brewers time to focus on perfecting their beer recipes. I look forward to trying the innovative new beers created as a result.”

The Totally Natural Solutions Winter Selection Pack costs £60 and is available to buy direct from . Each pack contains Natural Sensations™ 6 x 15ml Cherry, Apple Strudel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Plum and Ginger.

Jessica Brindley

Jessica Brindley

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