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Food packaging: smart choices for a sustainable future


Use of plastics in the food and drink industry is under scrutiny because of the impact on the environment. Industry needs to change how it uses plastics.

Different solutions have been proposed including reducing the amount of plastic use, recycling or reusing plastics, using alternative materials or a combination of the three. However, it’s critically important food safety or quality are not compromised.

Campden BRI’s packaging seminar, 5 October, will help industry make informed choices on the types of materials and design of packaging to reduce plastic use and increase recyclability. There will be speakers from academia, industry, charities, industry schemes and membership bodies.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to make informed choices on plastics and waste. This will include sustainable packaging design, use of recycled materials and the circular economy.
  • Understand waste management infrastructure and how the packaging supply chain can work together to increase packaging reuse or recycling
  • Hear about the challenges the industry is facing to replace plastics or reduce their use
  • Gain insight into consumer behaviour and consumer understanding of recycling

The seminar is relevant to packaging manufacturers, packaging technologists, food and beverage manufacturers, retailers and those working in waste management.

Contact Campden BRI’s training team for more information +44(0)1386 842104



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