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Fully Recyclable Paper Tube Packaging Solution For Premium Drinks

Fully Recyclable Paper Tube Packaging for Premium Drinks - Smurfit Kappa Composites (2)

The demand for sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging is growing like never before, and this includes in the premium spirits market. At Smurfit Kappa, they are always striving to meet customers’ changing demands and their new 100% recyclable drinks packaging solution, the Smurfit Kappa Eco-Tube, is a perfect example. They recently developed this revolutionary product, providing a more sustainable paper tube packaging solution and which allows the traditional paper tube to be 100% recyclable within normal consumer recycling schemes.

The Eco-Tube means that premium spirit packaging can now be fully recyclable, so companies don’t have to choose between quality and sustainability. It is widely recognised that paper tube packaging, particularly in the drinks industry, offers many benefits such as on-shelf disruption. Now, this can all be achieved with recyclable packaging. The Smurfit Kappa Composites team recently completed a project for The Clydeside Distillery, which was the first ever fully branded, 100% recyclable drinks packaging solution that they have launched for the whisky market.

Premium Recyclable Packaging For The Clydeside Distillery

The Clydeside Distillery was the first dedicated Single Malt Whisky distillery in the city of Glasgow, for over 100 years. Smurfit Kappa have worked closely with their sister company, A Dewar Rattray, on many previous packaging projects so welcomed the opportunity to work with The Clydeside Distillery.

The distillery was in the process of launching their first single malt whisky, Stobcross, and needed the perfect premium drinks packaging solution. As the inaugural Single Malt from The Clydeside Distillery, Stobcross needed packaging which was high-quality, luxurious, and showcased its uniqueness. At the same time, The Clydeside Distillery wanted to ensure their packaging was sustainable, so the Eco-Tube was the perfect fit. When The Clydeside team first came to Smurfitt Kappa, they wanted the traditional values of tube packaging including strength and shelf presence. The opportunity to have all this as a fully recyclable option was exactly what they were looking for.

The packaging for Stobcross was Smurfitt Kappa’s  first branded Eco-Tube launched to market. The finished result is a stylish tube which carefully protects the product and stands out on shelves and in stores. The Clydeside Distillery opted for a design that represents the maritime history of Glasgow, which truly reflects their brand and product. Stobcross is currently sold in The Clydeside Distillery shop and on their website, and the company is planning an international rollout over the coming months.

100% Recyclable Paper Tube Packaging

Smurfit Kappa Composites devised the Eco-Tube under our Smurfit Kappa Better Planet Packaging initiative. They recognised the increased pressure that drinks manufacturers are under to adopt recyclable packaging solutions. Previously, these manufacturers had to choose between the benefits that tube packaging can deliver or providing a sustainable solution. The Eco-Tube solves this dilemma, enabling the traditional composite tube to be 100% recyclable. This kind of packaging can be easily recycled using readily available consumer recycling schemes, such as local curb side pick-ups.








Their paper based tube performs in exactly the same way as traditional premium packaging solutions, with no compromising on strength or aesthetics. At Smurfit Kappa, they believe the Eco-Tube is the answer to meeting the ever-changing buying behaviours of consumers. Not only that, but it can assist businesses in meeting their sustainability goals and initiatives.

At Smurfit Kappa Composites, they offer scalable solutions for the paper based tube packaging solutions for the whisky market and beyond. If you are currently using paper tube packaging for your whisky, spirits or any other products, there is no need to lose consumer brand recognition when switching to a more sustainable packaging solution as additional finishes and full print options are still available.

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