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Gin Filling Line at Echlinville Distillery, Northern Ireland

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The Echlinville Distillery based in County Down, Northern Ireland, has been producing a variety of spirits and whiskeys since 2013. They recently completed the installation of an automatic bottling line supplied by IC Filling systems consisting of a 12-12-1 rinser filler capper, and a rotary labeller.

Shaped in a horseshoe design to maximise space efficiency, the line is capable of producing 1,200 700ml bottles per hour.

The filler is a gravity filler, vacuum assisted, able to handle sweet liqueurs. The machine is a counterclockwise traditional rinser filler capper, with a screw on pick and place External Screw Top capper.

The labeller is a 3 labels rotary labeller for self-adhesive front, back and full neck wrap around for shaped bottles.

See the line in action in IC Filling Systems video, prior to despatch to Echlinville.

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