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Gold for The Katz Group


The Katz Group are the world’s largest and most competitive beermat manufacturers, serving drinks industry customers Large and small, we are proud members of BFBI, offering special rates to fellow members. In addition, it is now official that Katz’s rank among the world’s most sustainable companies.

EcoVadis is an independent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rating platform for global supply chains. It allows suppliers to be rated in terms of their commitment to sustainability. To this end,

the sustainability experts at EcoVadis review activities of suppliers in the areas of environmental protection, working conditions, fair business practises and sustainable procurement.

The Katz Group have scored high in all four categories, placing Katz in the top one percent of all international companies ranked by EcoVadis and this qualifies Katz for Gold status.

A socially acceptable supply chain plays an important role for all purchasing organisations, the EcoVadis online portal enables them to verify the sustainability of their suppliers.

Sustainability is also rooted in Katz’s company values, which emphasize a responsible handling of resources and respects for nature, the environment and people.

Check out our website press the environmental awareness tab for the full picture, or you can contact:

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