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Graphic Packaging International Supports Estrella Damm’s Plastic Replacement Initiative

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Leading paper-based packaging solution provider, Graphic Packaging International (‘Graphic Packaging’) has partnered with Estrella Damm to replace 100 percent of its plastic shrink wrap packaging, equivalent to 99 tonnes annually, with paperboard alternatives on multipack cans.

In line with its commitment to achieving more eco-sustainable packaging in 2021, Estrella Damm has launched a unique rounded-corner pack, designed and developed by Graphic Packaging. The pack will stand out on the supermarket shelves with its novel silhouette, and its range of opening options will not only make interesting merchandising options possible, enhancing the point of sale, but they will also elevate the consumer experience.

According to Ana González, innovation and design manager at Graphic Packaging, “This is the first structure of its kind in the beverage market. We have worked closely with Estrella Damm’s team to ensure that the plastic replacement solution created is innovative and strengthens the brand. The elevated shelf appeal of this solution is the culmination of a long and successful collaboration between Graphic Packaging and Estrella Damm.”

Functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, the packaging wraps tightly around the cans, protecting them from damage as they move through the supply chain. In addition to its bold yet practical design, it is made from recyclable paperboard, which highlights Estrella Damm’s and Graphic Packaging’s efforts to develop eco-sustainable alternatives in packaging.

Graphic Packaging has installed the first of two QuikFlex™ machines, which, thanks to their flexibility, meet production and market needs. Initially 6-, 12-, and 24-packs have been launched.

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