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With so many apps available nowadays, it can be hard to work out which ones are worth downloading. At Grundfos we have been working to make life easier for anyone who fits domestic and commercial circulators, and these apps are available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Take the GO REPLACE that you can use with new Grundfos UPS3. This app will allow you to easily check to see if the UPS3 can be used as a replacement pump (whether inside or outside a boiler) simply by scanning the old pump and then following the instructions and seconds later you will have your answer.

The GO BALANCE works the Grundfos ALPHA3 and allows you to wirelessly hydraulically balance a heating system. The earlier ALPHA3 Model A requires an ALPHA Reader, whereas the latest Model B operates without the need for a reader (the ALPHA Reader can be used with Model B as a range extender, if needed).

Finally, the GO REMOTE works with a range of electronic pumps and delivers an easy and reliable remote-control tool for installers during commissioning and maintenance – providing fast and simple, set up, control and monitoring of the pump. So, make sure that you’re always ready to GO by downloading these useful apps today. For more information on these as well as the full line-up of domestic circulators, visit




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