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Some years ago, Grundfos created a centralised information hub called Grundfos for Installers.  This platform was designed to gather together a wide range of information that is especially relevant to plumbing professionals.

Today Grundfos for Installers gives easy access to a range of tools that are useful, relevant and rewarding. For example, you will find elements such as the GO install app that offers you lots of helpful tools, guides and information to your fingertips. Another great option is the Ecademy training platform that has been dispensing knowledge and rewarding successful module completion on a wide range of general industry as well as on pump specific topics for many years. Additionally, the hub also offers some added extras that are aimed at helping people to grow their business with great on and off-line support suggestions and ideas.

Available 24/7, it will help you to fulfil a wide range of tasks as well as providing you with assistance and some great hints and tips, all of which can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone. So next time you’re unsure about something pump related, come and pay us a visit on – because we’re on your side.

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