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Grundfos for Installers the one stop pump information hub

Grundfos continuously strive to develop accessible information that is helpful, informative and easily located for industry professionals. One such location is called Grundfos for Installers (GFI).  This central information hub delivers an increasing range of options that are aimed at helping you in your role and it is the perfect location to get access to our range of useful apps that are available for free from the App Store and Google Play.


An example is GO install app that gives you access to a range of useful tools, guides and information at your fingertips. Another great app is the GO replace that you can use with Grundfos UPS3 domestic circulator, this allows you to check to see if the UPS3 can be used as a replacement pump (whether inside or outside a boiler) by just scanning the old pump.


Grundfos’s Ecademy education platform has been dispensing knowledge on a wide range of general industry as well as on pump specific themes for many years. Grundfos regularly add new topics, plus a range of live and recorded webinars on a variety of topics for you to tap into.


Grundfos for Installers can be accessed from your computer tablet or smartphone 24/7.  If you’re unsure about something pump related, visit Grundfos by clicking here.

Want to know more about Grundfos, click here to see their member’s profile. 

Daneille Guthrie

Daneille Guthrie

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