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Grundfos Have the Off-Site Insight


The ability for off-site build to deliver increasingly complex projects for a wide range of schemes has seen them become increasingly popular. These pre-engineered solutions tick all the boxes in terms of the coordination of a range of elements from planning and design, through to fabrication, the actual assembly of components, plus all required testing.

Able to deliver larger building projects, industrial solutions as well as to support the water industry, these packaged sets will arrive on site complete with all the necessary pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation and controls. Add to this the fact that factory conditions are 80% safer than those on site and that site labour is 2.2 times more expensive and the reasons for their popularity come sharply into focus.

Selecting a partner who has the capacity, knowledge, expertise as well as all the necessary accreditations to deliver all the stages within the process is key. This is where the 12,000m2 Grundfos manufacturing plant in Sunderland adds value, as this recognised centre of manufacturing excellence offers customers design, build, assembly, test and distribution from under one roof, making this a streamlined and very cost-effective option.

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