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Grundfos Pumps – Entering into the spirit of energy savings


William Grant started his Scottish whiskey distillery business in 1887.  Today, this well-known brand is still a family run business, who have earned an enviable reputation for the quality of the spirits they produce and distribute internationally.

Always looking to see if there are any areas that will help them to improve their operation, they approached Grundfos Pumps to review the pump related energy efficiency at their plant. Having undertaken an initial energy check, Grundfos identified several areas where significant pump related savings were possible.

Taking the advice offered, two new boiler feed support pumps were purchased, and their performance was measured over a 6-month period.  The initial results showed electrical savings of £56k pa; the removal of the modulation valve saved £18k per boiler on maintenance costs; a reduction in breakdown and/or steam issues on site; improved steam quality and well as gas savings of up to 9%, all of which has meant a very short payback in terms of ROI.

Grants have been so impressed with the results that there is a now planned schedule of Grundfos based pumps improvements in place. To find out more about how Grundfos could help you to save on energy costs on your particular application visit

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