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Grundfos “UPS3 is the right choice”

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Since its launch in 2018, the UPS3 15-50/60 has continued to grow in popularity something Grundfos are very pleased about, but we are not too surprised, as this pump has demonstrated that it can maintain a consistent performance level, heating season after heating season.


It is also capable of delivering improved energy efficiency and with an easier to wire plug and on-board diagnostics, there are a wide range of factors, that makes this domestic circulator stand out from the crowd.  Plus you don’t have to worry about reliability, because this pump was built on a platform that had already been proven in millions of boilers.


Another great reason to join with other installers who have already fitted this model, is the free GO REPLACE app that you can use with the Grundfos UPS3. This app allows you to easily check to see if the UPS3 can be used as a replacement pump (whether inside or outside a boiler) simply by scanning the old pump and then following the instructions and seconds later you will have your answer.


The UPS3 is a circulator pump can be used in domestic heating systems for either variable or constant flow rates. This is because it automatically controls the differential pressure by adjusting the pump performance to the actual heating demand without the use of external components. So  when you need to combine reliability, efficiency, head, diagnostics and fitting time, there really is only one option to choose.


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