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How Sputtering and Humdity Affect your PID Sensor

PID Sensor

International Gas Detectors

Helping you understand how these common issues can affect the performance of your PID Sensor.

You may have seen IGD previously mention the terms ‘Sputtering’ and ‘Humidity’ when discussing PID sensors. But what do these actually mean?

Sputtering and Humidity can both negatively effect the performance of a PID sensor, and these are common issues encountered with many PIDs on the market.

So it is important to understand where these come from and why they can happen, helping you to avoid these issues before they appear. IGD’s latest article helps with all of this, diving into what sputtering and humidity are in the context of a PID sensor, how these issues occur and why.

They also detail their detectably better solutions, helping you to avoid these issues altogether, creating a new standard for VOC detection. 

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