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HRS Heat Exchangers’ R&D partnership showcases latest thermal food & drink technologies and allows accurate customer trials


For companies that operate with the latest thermal processing technology, like HRS Heat Exchangers and its clients in the food and beverage industry, being able to trial up-to-date systems and analyse the latest materials and products can pay huge dividends, particularly when such work is undertaken by experienced independent researchers and engineers.

For the last 20 years, HRS Heat Exchangers has forged a close working partnership with Spain’s National Technological Centre for the Food and Canning Industry – Centro Tecnológico National de la Conserva y Alimentación (CTNC) – a private, not-for-profit research association which works with a wide range of organisations and companies on private, national and international food and beverage development projects. Now, this alliance has been further cemented with the installation of a new pilot aseptic filling plant from HRS, giving customers and researchers the chance to test the performance of different heat exchanger types when developing new food and drink products, to achieve the best outcome for their project.

Continued in the document here – HRS Heat Exchangers’ R&D partnership with CTNC Spain_UK

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